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Our company growth is based in providing quality service and products supported by our CEO’s dedication and our team’s strong commitment to build a company they are proud of (and they own stock in also). We are proud to be partners with some of the best quality companies in the industry with some of the industry's leading customer support services. We have user-friendly solutions to make sure if you are a brand new user looking to start a website or an expert developer; a small venture or even a large business – we have what you need. The bottom line is that we love what we do and working with users like you!

TBC-Hosting offers a level of service we would want our family to be happy with – it has been a lot of hard work to get here because we never settle for just "good enough". Like you, we take our websites and web development seriously. And it has been entirely worth every moment and our struggles to succeed because we enjoy making our customers happy and helping you be successful. Building a Hosting, Domain Name, Premium Domain (with financing) and WebSite Builder company is not easy, but if it was easy, every hosting company would offer the same level of service. But - they don't.

TBC-Hosting & Domains + MyWeb.site – Company History (and more)

You wanted it…  so here it is – our full 'factual' history in a timeline.  (well... and maybe a few golden nuggets you will find also.)   

Historically, TBC, TBC Hosting & Domains and MyWeb.site have stayed ahead of the curve by providing some of the most updated and data, access and innovative technology in these areas. You will see often that we are continually expanding our product and service lines based on listening to the feedback we get from you.   Listening to our customers is the primary reason we keep launching new features, new development tools and new product lines.  We are here to provide you the resources you need for success.

Before TBC, TBC Hosting & Domains and MyWeb.site

• 1667 - Robert Hooke created the first Tin Can / String Telephone

also called the ‘Lovers Telephone” (a selfie feature was added later).

• 1965 – The First test of a Wide-Area Network followed by plans for

ARPANET in 1966 and in 1969 – 4 computers were on the network.

• 1969 – Largest ‘mis-communication’ in years – when an expected 50,000 people turned into 450,000 people at a party called Woodstock, where no one had a cell phone or access to the internet to have accurate information (especially that there were only 600 toilets).

• 1984 – Our CEO started his first company at 24 years of age while at University. (it did ok… mostly…) 

• 1985 – AOL (America Online and originally Quantum Link [Q-Link]) launched the most recognized brand for

access to the internet in America with a dial up service and even providing small computers to access the service.

• 1991 – Chase (our CEO) gets online for first time ever - through his assistant’s small AOL computer and within 20 minutes a woman online ask him out on a date. ( and… without asking any questions – he agrees to meet.  Hmmm… let's just say  - she was 'not' what he expected at all.  He actually refused to get back online again for more than a year).

• 1999– WebIdeas.net, BillionaireBoysClub.com and RealEstate4Sale.com are launched by our CEO (and with one of them becoming listed on US Stock Market).  WebIdeas.net became WebIdeas Partners LLC (WebIdeasPartners.com)  

• 2018 - The BillionaireBoysClub.com, originally a luxury lifestyle site, starts to grow towards being an Entrepreneurship Dashboard / Control Center using the experience of our Serial Entrepreneur CEO to guide new Entrepreneurs towards success.

• 2020 (early) – The BillionaireBoysClub.com becomes The Billionaire Plan (TheBillionairesPlan.com) TBP and The Billionaires Club (TheBillionairesClub.com) TBC.

• 2020 – Feb / March a little pest called COVID-19 took the world by store (no, it was not another Woodstock). And in the down-time, our CEO and some of his amazing staff decided it was time to not only help Entrepreneur’s start their business, but we should also provide affordable access high quality Web Hosting, Global Access to Domains (more than GoDaddy) and Premium Domains – with financing for anyone.

Thus… TBC Hosting & Domains + MyWeb.site were born.

• 2029 - COVID -19, 20, 21 & 23 are now a thing of the past and life is finally getting back to normal.  Toilet Paper, Glove & Mask companies have earned so much money that they have taken over almost all major corporations on Wall Street