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TBC Domain Investing Knowledgebase

Domain investing is the purchase of domain names as a means of investment. A domain name can be used to generate revenue or it can be resold profitably, and domain investors acquire domain names for investment purposes.

Domain Investing Is

Although it is a pretty simple term, let’s get deeper into what domain investing is. You invest in the domain when you buy a domain name and sell it for more after. Usually, domain investors first create criteria for domain names, then find domains according to it and buy them. Then investors sell those domain names to other investors or people who want to use the domains for a website.

What is My Domain Name Worth?

When you bought a domain, or even before buying it you will want to know, what is that domain worth or so-called value. The value of a domain name is the price of any person/entity/organization (your buyer) has to pay in order to purchase a name for their website. The costs can range from a one-digit number to 6- or 7-digit numbers, depending on the valuation factors.

Domain Name Transfer and Account Change

Sometimes you may want or even need to transfer your domain to another registrar’s account. Below it is shown how to transfer your domain to TBC-Hosting. It is quite a simple process and all you need to do is follow the guideline.

Types of Domain Name Acquistion Deals

There are a few types of domain name acquisition deals. Some of them are “standard” deals that are used by most of the investors and buyers. But sometimes they make a personalized deal that corresponds to the needs and wants of both sides. A creative deal can add value to the seller and give the buyer flexibility.

10 Tips to Sell a Domain Name

Monetization and sales are the two biggest reasons for people to invest in domain names. Selling a domain name is not always easy and depends on a domain itself, the seller and the buyer. However, the 10 tips provided below can help you manage to sell your domain name.

Good to Know About Domain Name

What is Cybersqatting

Cybersquatting appeared to be a giant problem almost right after domain names became available for everyone to purchase. One of the main problems with cybersquatting is the creation and registration of a domain name that implies being an already existing company, brand, or trademark.

How to recover a Stolen Domain Name

Domain theft is always unexpected and very frustrating. When you try to log in to your domain and you need some work done, but you simply can’t access your domain. At all. Your first thought may be to check your e-mail and see if your domain maybe was transferred to another registrar, although you didn’t initiate any transfers. But there is not notice in your mailbox, and you are starting to feel confused and lost.

Whois Records & Whois Look Ups

Sometimes you might need to contact the owner of the domain name. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to do and you might need to scavenge through the Internet for a bit, to find the information you need. Here is where you will need the Whois online free service that connects the owners of domains with a web browsing community. This tool is often used to find an owner of a particular domain.

Report Invalid Email Adresses to ICANN

Sometimes Whois has invalid e-mail information of some domain owners and it can be frustrating if you need to cant that person. You first can ask Whois to contact that exact owner, but sometimes they can’t contact him as well. In this case, you can file a complaint to ICANN.

What to do with extra / Unused Domains

Sometimes you end up with a few extra domains that you don’t have any use for. So what do you do in those situations? Well, below we provide a few ways how you can earn income from those extra domains.

Domain Investing Industry Acronyms.

The domain name investors use quite a lot of acronyms in order to describe some things as fast as possible. There are also some technical terms and it is very important to know them if you are moving into domain investing business. Take some time to learn the acronyms provided below to make your life just a little bit easier and so you don’t have to ask “What does it mean?” when speaking to other domain name investors.

Domain Name Forums and conferences