How to Remove Password Protection from the Site Statistics Page

By default, Plesk requires users to authenticate before they can view the statistics page for a website or domain. If you want, however, you can remove password protection from the statistics page.


The statistics page displays a lot of information about your site, including visitors, page URLs, errors, and other data. Allowing anyone to view the information on this page is a potential security risk.


Removing password protection

In order to remove password protection from the site statistics page for a website or domain, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Plesk.
  • In the left sidebar, click Websites & Domains.
  • Locate the domain you want to configure, and then click Hosting Settings.
  • On the Hosting Settings page, scroll down to the Web scripting and statistics section.
  • Clear the (Protect access to your web statistics with your FTP username and password) checkbox.
  • Click OK. Users can now view the statistics page without typing a username or password.
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